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Santa Barbara City College I. D. E. A. S. Club!

What is IDEAS?

·         -It stands for Improving Dreams Education Access and Success

·         -The AB540 student club

·         -Founded at SBCC in fall 2007

·         -A political and social student group

Who participates in IDEAS?

·         -AB 540 students

o    3-4 years at a California high school

o    Graduated from a California high school

o    Sign a affidavit with the institution

·         -International students

·        - Legal residents/citizens

·         -Counselors, teachers

What do we do?

·         -Fundraiser events

·         -Networking

·        - Distribute the word

·         -Assist/help out at conferences

o    Statewide

o    Other universities or colleges

o    local

How do I get involved?

·         -Stayed informed on what is going on

·         -Participate in a event


SBCC I.D.E.A.S 2010-2011

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